Top 10 NFL Players on Santa’s “Nice” List

By Vincent Jackson

Top 10 NFL Players on Santa’s “Nice” List

By: Natalie Faulk

Congratulations to Vincent Jackson for making NFL’s nice list this year. He was joined by other notable names such as Payton Manning, Troy Polamalu, and Colin Kaepernick just to name a few.

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The media is rife with stories of not-so-nice antics committed by NFL players. These men are supposed to be role models. They are in a position to use their status, exposure, income, reputation, and image in ways unimaginable to influence both young and old and, as such, these “powers” should be used for good. Despite the plethora of negativity surrounding professional sports with stories of infidelities, crimes, substance use and abuse, and the like, it is my pleasure to present some players who are truly nice guys.

Sometimes beasts on the field and fiercely competitive players, underneath this facade they are humble, nice, generous gentlemen and I am pleased to present the top 10 nice guys deserving of a tilt of Santa’s (and everyone’s) hat.

VJ’s Jackson in Action 83 Foundation strives to provide support to military families by focusing upon educational, emotional, and physical health of the children of these families. His foundation seeks to help military families retain strong ties during and between deployments. Jackson–the son of two military parents–knows personally the difficulties that these heroes face and is active in a variety of military endeavors such as visiting deployed soldiers during the offseason.

And speaking firsthand, I have to say that VJ is one of the nicest, most genuine, and most humble players I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (on several occasions) and remains among my all-time favorite players.

It was difficult to select only ten and even more difficult to rank them. As such, there are also a few honorable mentions: Houston’s TE Owen Daniels, New Orleans’ QB Drew Brees, Atlanta’s TE Tony Gonzalez, San Diego’s LB Donald Butler, and Indianapolis’ long snapper Matt Overton.

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