As the son of two military parents, Mr. Jackson was raised with structure and discipline. Mr. Jackson attributes his groundedness to the loving guidance of his parents and as a result he feels a responsibility to help other youngsters have that same advantage. Known currently for his prowess on the football field. Mr. Jackson excelled as a straight-A student in High School in Colorado Springs, CO, graduating with a 4.10 GPA .

His excellent academic performance earned acceptance to an Ivy League university. Mr. Jackson chose to attend University of Northern Colorado on scholarship to play both basketball and football.  While earning All American Honors at University of Northern Colorado and becoming the school’s all time leading receiver, he majored in business in preparation for his post-football career. In that same vein he recently completed a special program at the prestigious Wharton School of Business.

Mr. Jackson does more than stay in shape during the off-season.  He has invested in a variety of businesses in the hospitality, apparel and most recently in real estate and fitness.  Viewing Magic Johnson and Roger Staubach as models of athletes who are as successful off the field with their business endeavors as they were on the gridiron, Mr. Jackson has a diverse portfolio in Florida, California and Nevada.

Feeling a strong commitment to serve the community in which he lives, Mr. Jackson has recently started a foundation, Jackson in Action 83, to work with military families during overseas deployments.  He feels that one of the real threats to a close bond between military parents and their children is their deployment away from the family. Mr. Jackson’s desire is to parlay his success in football into an organization that can help military moms and dads maintain close relationships with their children and even though separated by miles and time zones help those parents influence the lives of their children.